Our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled high-bay warehouses in various key markets meet the demands of constant availability and timely delivery.

We strongly believe that the efficiency of logistics is crucial in the spare parts market. Knowing that storage and transport logistics is a fundamental factor for success, we apply forward-looking concepts, which help us ensure compliance with market requirements.

Our modern automated warehouses in key markets ensure the maximum instantaneous availability of the goods and its timely delivery.

The most significant Solgy logistics center for Central Europe is located in Barcelona. In addition, the efficiency of logistics processes is achieved through the availability of a warehouse logistics center in Guangzhou, China.

The storage area of both logistic centers covers over 10,000 square meters.

Aiming to increase our sales, we are planning to launch new logistic centres in Germany, Poland and England. They will guarantee constant product availability and short transport distances to customers.

The availability of our goods in the regional warehouses of our business partners in 20 European countries and over 10 other countries through local partners allows for timely delivery of Solgy spare parts to the customer.